The Bando Gora Army

Fierceness, bravery, and absolute loyalty—this is what is required to be a part of the Bando Gora Army. Some of the finest warriors in the galaxy are among the cult's armed troops. Each soldier is meticulously trained to achieve unrivaled combat readiness. The rigorous training program unfolds on a wide variety of terrains; from the lush plains of Venaari to the barren zero-g landscape of a moon, our soldiers are familiar with any environment. To prepare the Bando Gora's troopers for anything and everything, our instructors specialize in assembling unpredictable combat scenarios that test the limits of each trainee. Once training is complete, our soldiers are expected to perform a multitude of tasks: patrolling Bando Gora's controlled planets, guard our ships and stations in the coldness of space combat unlawful bandits, and generally assist the cult in whatever way is necessary.

Captain Siobhan Nuullic, also known as Darth Valefica, currently leads the Bando Gora's Army.

Rank Name Rank Image Monthly Payment
Captain --- Classified
Primus --- Classified
Valus --- Classified
Val --- Classified
Umbra --- Classified
Esca --- Classified