Bando Gora
The Bando Gora Army

Fierceness, bravery, and absolute loyalty—this is what is required to be a part of the Bando Gora Legion. Some of the finest warriors in the galaxy are among the cult's armed troops. Each legionnaire is meticulously trained to achieve unrivaled combat readiness. The rigorous training program unfolds on a wide variety of terrains; from the lush plains of a temperate world, to the barren zero-g landscape of a cold moon, our troopers are familiar with any environment. To prepare the Bando Gora's soldiers for any situation, our instructors specialize in assembling unpredictable combat scenarios that test the limits of each trainee. Once training is complete, our warriors are expected to perform a multitude of tasks: patrolling Bando Gora's controlled planets, guard our ships and stations, eradicate unlawful bandits, and generally assist the cult in whatever way is necessary.

Those who desire to travel the stars can find a home in our Legion as well, but beware: the dark, unforgiving confines of space are not for the faint of heart. Physical and mental sharpness, courage, expertise, and the willingness to face the unknown—do you have what it takes to be an elite pilot of the Bando Gora? Each candidate participates to a thorough training program before they are deemed fit for duty. Legionnaire learn how to pilot and properly operate small and large starships alike. Nothing is left out; trainees learn the intricacies of hyperspace navigation, in-system sublight piloting, docking procedures, emergency procedures, weapons maintenance, sub-systems operations, and much more. Legionnaires just starting out are expected to transport raw materials and goods, ferry passengers, and deliver any ship or asset that the cult might need at specific locations. Those deemed ready to serve in a combat role will dutifully patrol the Bando Gora's controlled planetary systems, engage bandits in combat, and assist with the security of our mining operations in deep space.

Captain Vir Calder currently leads the Bando Gora's Armed Forces.

Rank Name Rank Image Monthly Payment
Captain --- Classified
Provost --- 15 Million
Overseer --- 15 Million
Enforcer --- 15 Million
Ranger --- 15 Million
Trooper --- 15 Million