Bando Gora
The Cult

Born as a mysterious cult of grave robbers, the Bando Gora had become a skilled group of assassins and were known to be very ruthless. They ruled through fear, overtaking the Outer Rim and uncivilized worlds in the galaxy. As they spread throughout the galaxy, they gave people the option of convert or die. The power this brought to the organization gained them a growing influence in the criminal underbelly of the galaxy.

Around a decade before the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Bando Gora became too much of a threat to be ignored. The powers that be put pieces into place in hopes of destroying the Bando Gora once and for all. The leaders of the Bando Gora were struck down and the remaining members of the cult scattered. It was decades later that their name and history would be acknowledged again as a member of a Force group that focused on finding and protecting artifacts and knowledge came across a datacron that had been long forgotten.

That individual was the Force sensitive, Darin Byrch. Born in the sector that the death cult had once held under their thumb, the name Bando Gora was one told to young Chagrians to keep them inline. Taking the knowledge he now had of the Bando Gora, and adding the influences of the teachings he had experienced over the years, the Bando Gora was reborn with its eyes set on the galaxy.

Freedom by any means necessary. Followers of the Sith Code, and most of all, believers in freedom from the restrictions of others, the Bando Gora cult and its own Sith Order have a diverse population of alien and human alike, merging from all corners of the galaxy. The capital city of Ven-Kav on Venaari acts as the epicenter of the Bando Gora, and the shining example of the freedom the group looks to achieve.

The goal for the people is the enrich the lives of every citizen and follower of the Will of the Bando Gora. The Will is simple: Freedom by any means necessary. The Code they follow splits the society in two. The strong and the weak. The strong being those who have the ambition and drive to take their freedom, and the weak are those who accept their lives as servants of the Bando Gora